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People of all ages visit Morpeth Chiropractic with a wide range of complaints.

After an injury our bodies compensate to allow healing to take place. However, these compensations can place pressure on other areas of the body and cause new symptoms. This is why at Morpeth Chiropractic we aim to address the underlying cause of your pain, without drugs or surgery. Once the underlying cause is addressed, your body will able to heal more effectively and reoccurring injuries will be prevented.



Chiropractor treatments for neck pain in Morpeth

Chiropractic can help...



  • Back Pain and Sciatica
  • Neck Pain and Headaches
  • Tension and Stress
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Sporting Injuries

  • Chronic Pain
  • Trapped Nerve
  • Injuries and Accidents
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Family Care


If you are struggling with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or other related issues and require a chiropractor in Morpeth, Alnwick, Ashington
and Northumberland, don't hesitate to contact Morpeth Chiropractic


 Our Services


Chiropractor consultation in Morpeth

Initial consultation
£55 (45 mins)

Your first visit to the clinic lasts approximately 45 minutes. We recommend that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment to fill out a New Patient form and medical history.

During the visit, we will discuss your medical history with you, perform a physical exam, including postural assessment, and neurological and orthopaedic tests.If appropriate, you will also receive your first Chiropractic treatment at this appointment.


Chiropractor visits in Morpeth

Follow up visits 
£38 (15 mins)

On the first follow-up appointment a tailored plan will be discussed and set out based on the diagnosis and response to the initial treatment.

Thereafter standard follow up visits last 15 minutes, and comprise of a re-assessment of your condition, and Chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractor Northumberland



How long will it take before I see results? 


  • This depends how long you have had the problem, your age, your fitness, and a range of other lifestyle factors such as stress and diet. 
  • If you follow our advice on rehabilitation exercises and visit frequency, you are more likely to have better results.
  •  Usually you will respond best to two visits a week for the first week or two and then less frequently as you improve.
  • If your condition is more severe, it may take a few weeks before you see or feel a difference.





Unsure whether chiropractic is for you?

We offer a FREE 15-MINUTE SPINE CHECK where we discuss your complaint and check your posture and alignment of your spine.
We can then advise whether or not chiropractic is for you and answer any questions you may have.




Serving Morpeth and surrounding areas such as Alnwick, Ashington and Northumberland for over 20 years



Chiropractic techniques we offer

We use a variety of treatment techniques at Morpeth Chiropractic, and tailor them according to your needs and preferences. 

Our goal is to reduce your pain and help get you moving again.

 Chiropractor in Morpeth


Advanced BioStructural Correction - ABC

Advanced BioStructural Correction – or ABC – is a revolutionary technique that returns your body to its natural alignment. This is achieved by removing the mechanical stress that accrues when your body compensates for injury. Once the dysfunction is removed, the body is able to heal and strengthen and thus optimal function is returned.


Uses a targeted series of spinal manipulations (adjustments) over the joints. The joint is placed under tension prior to the adjustment and often results in an audible ‘click'. The ultimate goal of the Diversified technique is to restore the normal range of motion in the joint and allow the body to repair more optimally.

McTimoney Method

Developed and only taught in the UK, the McTimoney Technique is well known for being a precise, whole body approach to Chiropractic care. This is a gentler, more subtle style of adjusting. It is particularly effective for children and the elderly.

If you would like to learn more about our techniques, or what the best treatment may be for your condition, feel free to contact us directly to book a consultation.