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At Morpeth Chiropractic we understand and appreciate that every one has a unique health history and lifestyle. Therefore it is important that your care is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are suffering with neck pain, back pain, poor posture or headaches, we are here to help.




Chiropractor in Northumberland




 Brook Pauna Chiropractor in Northumberland


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  • No drugs or surgery
  • Treatment tailored to your specific needs
  • Experienced and professional

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Chiropractor in Northumberland








Brook has an amazing way of putting you at ease. I went to see him with back pain and numbness in my fingers. I'd had to stop my training due to my pain level. I felt relief from my back pain after our first session and was back training after roughly 4/5sessions . I highly recommend him and his practice.

H. Snowdon


Had been in agony from sciatic for 2 months and also seen NHS doctors -from my GP to a surgeon- all of them said I´d have to get used to live with the pain. Took painkillers every 2 hours for 2 months till a friend took me to Brook Pauna´s clinic. I don´t have enough words to thank him for the great job he´s done with my achy bones. I´m not in pain any more and also not taking any more painkillers. No doubt I totally recommend!

 M. Etcheverry


Been using this Chiropractor for several years. He has treated several of my family members and friends. Can't recommend Brook and his team high enough. Has helped massively with pain relief.

D. Conway




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